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    The Home Grower's Quick Guide to Soil

    The Home Grower's Quick Guide to Soil

    Dagga might be a hardy plant that can grow naturally in different environments, but if you want to grow your own quality plant it is imperative to use proper soil.

    Soil is earth matter that consists out of organic remains, rock particles, and clay. Key considerations when looking for proper growing soil include: texture, drainage, and water retention.

    Soils also have different pH levels and nutrient makeups. There is no perfect pH number, but generally between 6 and 7 is advised. When choosing your potting mix look for soil that is not dense; you should be able to easily loosen it with your fingers, to ensure enough oxygen reaches the roots. Good soil has a dark colour like black coffee and won’t get muddy and clumpy when watered. Soil that you dig out from outside, littered with woodchips, rocks, and organic matter will not be a favourable home for a cannabis plant.

    Cannabis will do well in a soil which consists of a mixture of sandy, silt, and clay soils. This mixture is known as loam. When squeezing a bunch of loam soil in your hand it will form a loose ball that falls apart moments later. Loam soil has a neutral pH, has good drainage and water retention, is naturally fertile, holds the nutrients, has high oxygen levels, and supports microorganisms.

    But a regular bag of potting soil might not do the trick forever, and you may want to include additives. There’s a long list of different nutrients, microorganisms, and other additives that one can use like guano, biochar, peat moss, molasses and many more. Some common ones that are typically included in growing soil are: perlite, coco coir, and earthworm castings.

    Perlite, a natural occurring mineral with a white appearance, is a favourite among growers. In small quantities it aids in water retention, therefore it is perfect for warmer climates and outside growing. Adding perlite with give a nutrient boost for your new baby.

    Coco coir is usually just made of the outer husk of a coconut, but can include more. It is great for moisture retention and acts as a natural insect repellent. Earthworm castings is a great micro-organism is highly nutrient dense, which also helps retain moisture and improves drainage.

    With the many options of nutrients to add, its important not to go overboard and it is advised to choose one suitable to your new plant’s environment.

    Soil that you can check out:

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